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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please send it to innowerkstatt@marketing.tu-berlin.de.

In which semester does the Innovation Workshop take place?

The Innovation Workshop takes place every semester toward the end of the semester break. 

When are the dates and application deadlines for the Innovation Workshop available and where can I find them?

The exact dates are announced well in advance on the Chair of Marketing homepage. Count on the Innovation Workshop taking place around March and September. The application deadline is around 6 weeks before the Innovation Workshop starts.

What is the language of instruction? What level of German do I need to follow along with the seminar?

The language of instruction is German and the final presentations need to be held in German in almost all cases. Unfortunately, we cannot give a definitive answer to the level of German required. This decision needs to be made by each individual on their own.

Is attendance always required or are there exceptions?

Attendance is mandatory for the entire Innovation Workshop. If you want to take exams during the Innovation Workshop weeks, of course you can do so. We cannot make exceptions due to jobs, however. Please take vacation from your job if necessary.

On which days and at what times does the Innovation Workshop take place?

The Innovation Workshop takes place from Monday to Friday. Please count on needing to be present from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. Please also get information from fellow students who have taken part in the course recently.

How many ECTS points can be given for the different degree programs?

Usually students receive 12 credit points for the Innovation Workshop. This is the case for WiIng students, for example. They take the Innovation Workshop in the semi-elective area. IME students can have the Innovation Workshop counted as the equivalent to the Venture Campus (6 ECTS) or Technology Venturing Group Project (5 ECTS). All other degree programs: Please discuss with your Examinations Office how the Innovation Workshop will be counted. Of course you can have the Innovation Workshop counted at any time in your free electives area or as an additional subject.

Can I have the Innovation Workshop counted as a Bachelor's thesis / interdisciplinary project?

It is generally not possible for the Innovation Workshop to be counted as a Bachelor's thesis / interdisciplinary project in the Chair of Marketing. 

How good are the chances that I will get a place in the Innovation Workshop?

The chances depend on the application documents and the number of applications. It is therefore not possible to say how high your individual chances are.

Is it possible to apply in English?

It is possible to apply in English, but please note that the workshop is in German.

Is it possible to apply for the upcoming Innovation Workshop (e.g. in the summer semester) but not accept the place until the next course (e.g. in the winter semester)?

That is unfortunately not possible. The application and participation must be for one event.

When are the applicants notified of acceptance/rejection?

The participants are selected directly after the application deadline. Usually it takes three business days.


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